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  • Ethylene oxide sterilizer is low temperature sterilization equipment.Henan Huatai Intelligent Equipment Group relies on aggregating professionals in the field of medical equipment,concentrated technical forces to invest in research and development, and rapidly rises in the medical field. With great investment...

    09-29 2020

  • ETO Machine, EO sterilizer equipment2-20 cubic ethylene oxide sterilizer machine ETO Machine, EO sterilizer equipment 1. Regional therapy equipment: cardiac pacemakers, artificial hearts, dialyzers, aspirators, oxygenator replaceable components, surgical automatic suture devic...

    09-16 2020

  • Ethylene oxide (EO) sterilizationEthylene oxide (EO) sterilization Ethylene oxide is an organic compound. It is a colorless and transparent liquid at low temperature, and is a colorless gas with pungent odor at normal temperature. The boiling point is only 10.4℃, and the...

    09-15 2020

  • HTAJ series ethylene oxide sterilizer HTAJ series ethylene oxide sterilizer is a kind of use of pure ethylene oxide and ethylene oxide mixed gas at a certain temperature, pressure, humidity and-a fixed period of time, for the items enclosed in the sterilization chamber special e...

    08-19 2020

  • The characteristics of ethylene oxide sterilizerWith the increasing needs of daily life, ethylene oxide sterilizers are used more and more widely. Here are some specific characteristics of the equipment: 1. Negative pressure sterilization, cleaning, and residue removal to ensure negative...

    08-14 2020

  • Manufacture of the eto sterilization machineWe are manufacture of the eto sterilization machine . We have been this line for more than 30 years.The machine can be used for the masks to sterilize. The ethylene oxide sterilizer can sterilize 400000 masks at one time. The application of...

    08-14 2020

  • Why Ethylene Oxide Used to Sterilize Medical Devices Ethylene Oxide Used to Sterilize Medical Devices For many medical devices, sterilization with ethylene oxide may be the only method that effectively sterilizes and does not damage the device during the sterilization process. Medical devices...

    08-14 2020

  • Principle of Sterilization Step of Ethylene Oxide SterilizerEthylene oxide sterilizer is a type of sterilizer, everyone may have heard of it, but the principle of its sterilization step is not very clear. Ethylene oxide sterilizer includes puncture and medicine in the sterilization stage. , Steriliz...

    08-13 2020

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