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How oxygen generator machine work?
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How oxygen generator machine work?
Medical Oxygen generation system incorporates one air compressor, one refrigerant air dryer and filters, main oxygen generator and medical oxygen purification system. Compressed air is purified through the air dryer and filters to a certain level for main generator to work with. The compressed air is then stored in the air buffer tank integrated in the oxygen generator for smooth supply of compressed air thus to reduce fluctuation of work demand. The generatorproduces oxygen with PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology, which is a time proven oxygen generation method. Oxygen of desired purity at 93% is delivered to oxygen buffer tank for smooth supply of product gas. Medical oxygen purification system will be equipped after the main oxygen generator, toremove the bacterium and dust in the oxygen gas and provide high level purified medical oxygen gas to the patients. Oxygen purity is continuously monitored by oxygen analyzer. The pressure in the oxygen buffer tank is approximate 3.5bar, it can be adjustable from 0.1bar to 3.5bar by thepressure regulator.
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