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How to choose a medical oxygen generator?
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How to choose a medical oxygen generator?
For medical oxygen concentrators, it is an indispensable product in the field of medical treatment. It is used in surgical treatment and in the process of patient oxygen inhalation. If the purchased oxygen concentrator has quality problems, it will be brought to the patient. This is a fatal threat, so you should pay attention to many aspects when purchasing, to avoid buying inferior products, which affects the use of the product, then what issues should be paid attention to when buying a medical oxygen generator?    First, pay attention Does the oxygen generator have anti-vibration or shock absorption systems? Because medical oxygen generators produce vibrations during use, in order to reduce the vibration of mechanical equipment during use, it is better to provide shock-proof and shock-absorbing effects to improve For mechanical stability, it is best to buy an oxygen inhaler with a spring, so that it can directly contact the ground, the stability is improved, and the product with a shock pad is better. Second, pay attention to the display screen of the oxygen concentrator. The display can display the concentration of oxygen in the medical oxygen concentrator. Too high or too low concentration will affect the oxygen inhalation effect. Therefore, the concentration adjustment is the best way to improve the oxygen inhalation effect. One of the methods. Third, pay attention to the appearance of the product. Generally, high-quality products have reached a high level in appearance design and product production. If the appearance of the product is affected, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the product. Therefore, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the product. Appearance design and handling are links that cannot be ignored, so special attention should be paid when purchasing products.   Fourth, pay attention to reducing noise. If some noise will occur during long-term use of the equipment, it is recommended to choose an oxygen machine with silencing treatment. Generally, it is more suitable for noise treatment and can be treated in a relatively quiet environment.   Fifth, pay attention to the accessories of the medical oxygen generator, such as the suction head and straw, if there is a quality problem, the oxygen inhalation problem will not only be unfavorable to the treatment of the disease, but also cause certain health risks to the patient's body.   Sixth, the convenience of using the equipment, the convenience of operation and the convenience of placement should be considered.
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