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Oxygen generation principle
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Oxygen generation principle of medical oxygen generator
Medical oxygen generators can be seen in various large, medium and small hospitals. It can bring more scientific help to patients in the treatment of diseases during use. At the same time, this equipment is indispensable A kind of auxiliary treatment equipment, especially during the treatment operation, as well as some people with asthma in the process of disease treatment, let us understand the oxygen production principle of the medical oxygen generator. The working principle of the medical oxygen generator: The oxygen generator uses molecular sieve physical adsorption and analysis technology, and is based on the technology of pressure swing drug abuse. It is a professional equipment that can extract oxygen from the air and is realized in the process of pressurizing the equipment. Good pressure reduction realizes the function of nitrogen adsorption. In the next pressurization process, nitrogen is adsorbed and oxygen of a certain purity is produced. The whole process is a periodic cycle process, which can circulate and obtain the required oxygen. This preparation process is for the purpose of drying and purifying compressed air. It enters the adsorption tower through the exchange of air. In the equipment of the adsorption tower, nitrogen is directly adsorbed by molecular sieves, and continuously accumulates to the oxygen storage tank. By removing the filter and sterilizing it for filtration, the qualified oxygen absorption is achieved to ensure the oxygen production qualification standard in the oxygen production process. The entire oxygen production process is the oxygen obtained physically, without the participation of chemical substances, which affects the oxygen production. The main raw material of the oxygen production process in the medical oxygen generator is air, which causes zero pollution to the environment. Therefore, the oxygen produced by this equipment has zero side effects on patients and is welcomed by patients. At present, medical oxygen concentrators appear in various hospitals and qualified clinics, helping patients to save illness and assist treatment in the treatment. Therefore, the demand and usage of medical oxygen concentrators are relatively large, and the products are also recognized. Higher.

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