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The medical oxygen generator for hospital
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The medical oxygen generator is the most common type of oxygen generator in major hospitals, which has brought great help to the life and health of patients. This kind of oxygen generator: the oxygen concentration can be continuously adjusted, not only has a series of functions of a household oxygen generator, but also has medical standards. Medical oxygen concentrators have many functions. Patients can use oxygen concentrators for better treatment, such as cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases, respiratory systems, etc., and have a good effect on all kinds of hypoxia. Compared with medical oxygen generators and portable oxygen generators, the main advantage is convenience. The principle of this oxygen generator is proton exchange technology, which provides oxygen through electrolysis of water. The design is relatively good, the volume is small, and the weight is light, which is very suitable for carrying. The portable oxygen generator can produce oxygen in a very short time, with low noise, low power consumption and low energy consumption, so it is generally more suitable for carrying and using at home, traveling, or walking. The difference between the medical oxygen generator and the portable oxygen generator has been described in detail above. In fact, these two types of oxygen generators have their own advantages. Medical oxygen generators have been widely used in major hospitals, and the lives and health of various hypoxic patients have brought great help. It is believed that this oxygen generator will definitely play an increasingly important role in the future.
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