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What are the specific benefits of using ethylene oxide for sterilization
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Ethylene oxide sterilization is a method of sterilization for conventional medical packaging and medical devices. So what are the specific benefits of using ethylene oxide for sterilization?
1. Economical and effective
At present, the most commonly used methods of sterilization in the industry include eo ethylene oxide sterilization, physical radiation sterilization, and high-pressure steam sterilization. Ethylene oxide sterilization is often used by most pharmaceutical packaging and medical device companies. Sterilization is the first choice, because this sterilization method is not only effective, but also economical. It is feasible to sterilize and sterilize large-scale pharmaceutical packaging. It can not only save enterprise costs, but also reduce the unit price of medical supplies. Easier to accept.
2. Comply with sterile medical supplies standards
The current medical environment is very sensitive. It is not only the domestic regulatory agencies and third-party testing and certification agencies that pay attention to the sterilization effect of medical supplies, but also the general public. Therefore, the medical equipment goes from production to disinfection to application. The link should not be taken lightly. The international standard applicable to ethylene oxide sterilization is GB18279.1-2015. Professional sterilization operations and supervision absolutely comply with relevant standards, and manufacturers can easily pass domestic and foreign regulatory audits.
After the production of medical supplies, there is no problem in adopting ethylene oxide sterilization and antivirus method, but the sterilization effect is also related to the sterilization company you are looking for, and choosing Henan Anjiu will definitely not make you regret it, we have 2-20 cubic eo gas sterilizer for your choose.
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