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What are the advantages of ethylene oxide sterilization (EO sterilization)?
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What are the advantages of ethylene oxide sterilization (EO sterilization)?

In the EO sterilization technology of medical equipment and sanitary products, the application of ethylene oxide gas sterilization is relatively extensive and the technology is mature. As early as the 1960s, advanced countries in the world have applied ethylene oxide gas sterilization technology to medical, sanitation, industrial, agricultural and environmental sanitation fields. In the early 1990s, my country also began to apply these fields widely.

The specific advantages are as follows:
① It can be used to sterilize items that are not resistant to high temperature and humidity.
② Ethylene oxide is considered to be a chemical sterilizing agent with the best sterilization effect, which can kill all microorganisms including bacterial spores.
③ It has strong penetrability and can be used to sterilize various parts that are difficult to penetrate: such as some thin and long catheters, it is difficult to achieve the sterilization effect with other low temperature sterilization methods.
④ The damage to items is small. Because EO kills microorganisms by using the principle of alkylation instead of oxidation process, the damage to items is very small, and it has a very wide range of uses for sterilization of heat-labile precision instruments.
⑤ When sterilizing, it can be wrapped with various wrapping materials, which is convenient for storage and transportation. It can be used after opening the package to avoid the risk of cross contamination.
⑥ There are standard chemical and biological monitoring methods, which can effectively control the quality of sterilization and find packages that have failed sterilization in time.
⑦ Has decades of experience.
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