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  • What is Ethylene Oxide Used For?EO is suitable for the sterilization of a wide range of materials not compatible with other methods of sterilization. Products commonly processed with ethylene oxide include: *Assembled complex devices *Catheters *Custom procedure packs *Eq...

    04-01 2020

  • What is Ethylene Oxide Processing?eo-chamberEthylene oxide sterilization consists of four primary variables: *Gas concentration *Humidity *Temperature *Time EO is an alkylating agent that disrupts cellular metabolism and reproductive processes of microorganisms. EO penetrat...

    04-01 2020

  • What is ethylene oxide sterilization?Ethylene oxide sterilization is a chemical process consisting of four primary variables: gas concentration, humidity, temperature and time. EO is an alkylating agent that disrupts the DNA of microorganisms, which prevents them from reproduc...

    04-01 2020

  • How long does ethylene oxide sterilization take?16-18 hours Ethylene Oxide (EtO or EO) gas was introduced in the 1950s, and it is an effective, low temperature chemical sterilization method. It also takes longer than steam sterilization, typically, 16-18 hours for a complete cycle. Tempe...

    04-01 2020

  • ethylene oxide sterilization temperaturebetween 37 and 63C EtO Sterilization. EtO Sterilization is a low-temperature process (typically between 37 and 63C) that uses Ethylene Oxide gas to reduce the level of infectious agents. EtO is used in gas form and is usually mixed with oth...

    04-01 2020

  • How about the sterilization ability of ethylene oxide sterilizerFor hospitals, because people enter and leave with a large amount of bacteria, and patients cannot be contacted with bacteria after the surgery to avoid wound infection, the hospital is required to use sterilization equipment for disinfecti...

    03-31 2020

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