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Ethylene oxide sterilizer

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HTAJ-2cube series Ethylene oxide sterilizer

Date:2020-08-13 10:22


Commoditycode M odel HTAJ-2cube Disinfectionmode Lowtemperature R atedpower 6KW Linerspecificationslength*width*height(mm) 2400*900*1100 Linerspecificationslength*width*height(mm) 2600*1400*1400 Workingpressure -60Kpa Adjustablerangeofworkin...

Detailed introduction

HTAJ-2cube series Ethylene oxide sterilizer

HTAJ-2cube series Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer is a low temperature sterilization equipment.

HTAJ-2cube series large-scale ethylene oxide sterilizer is a kind of low-temperature sterilization equipment: This product is designed by using advanced computer technology, automation technology, welding technology and process on the basis of absorbing the advantages of similar products domestic and overseas.

Commodity code




Disinfection mode

Low temperature

Rated power


Liner specifications length * width * height (mm)


Liner specifications length * width * height (mm)


Working pressure


Adjustable range of working temperature

50℃ ±3℃

Working humidity


Sterilization time

0-99 hours 


Material of disinfection room

304 anticorrosive stainless steel

HTAJ-2cube series Ethylene oxide sterilizerHTAJ-2cube series Ethylene oxide sterilizer

[Air replacement] Automatic ventilation, the number and interval of ventilation can be set freely.

[Full-automatic control system] One-touch start to finish, the whole process is automatically completed with printing records.

[Display status] Display temperature, humidity, pressure, disinfection time, residual gas treatment time and frequency.

[Printer] Record and print the disinfection information for the whole process for verification.

[Humidity sensor] The built-in humidity sensor automatically detects the humidity in the cavity to ensure that the humidity in the cavity is not less than 45% RH.

[Pressure sensor] The built-in pressure sensor automatically detects the pressure in the cavity to ensure effective disinfection of the pressure in the cavity.

[Temperature sensor] The built-in temperature sensor automatically detects the temperature in the cavity to ensure that the temperature in the cavity is maintained within the disinfection range of 50 ° C ± 3 ° C.

[Humidification system] Pulsed humidification under vacuum conditions, to ensure that the humidity in the cavity is uniform and controllable; the humidity in the disinfection room should be controlled within the range of relative humidity 45% -80%.

[Residual gas treatment device] The removal rate of the filter with a particle diameter ≥ 0.3 μm is not less than 99.5%.

[Leak rate in sterilization room] The leakage rate is measured under the condition of no-load and sterilization room temperature, the test pressure is -50kPa, and the measurement time is 1h.

[Vacuum speed] Under no-load conditions, the time for the disinfection cabinet to reach -60kPa from normal pressure should be ≤30min.

[Vacuum system] The oil-free vacuum pump is used, which is simple and convenient, the vacuum rate is fast, and the service life is long.

[Heating system] It adopts explosion-proof electric heating device, which is more convenient and quick.

[Tray rack] Use 304 stainless steel tray rack.

[Various protection functions] With over-voltage and over-temperature protection function, it is more safe and reliable.

[Casters] Yes.

[Alarm system] There is a high temperature alarm system and an ultra-low pressure alarm system; when the disinfection temperature of the disinfection room exceeds 59 ° C, it should be able to sound an alarm.

[Category] Class II medical instruments.

Technical characteristics

HTAJ series ethylene oxide sterilizer is a kind of use of pure ethylene oxide and ethylene oxide mixed gas at a certain temperature, pressure, humidity and-a fixed period of time, for the items enclosed in the sterilization chamber special equipment for low temperature fumigation. Ethylene oxide gas is a very active chemical disinfectant, which can not only achieve broad-spectrum sterilization, but also achieve a reliable sterilization effect.


Simple operation: one-button operation, microcomputer control, simple and convenient, digital display of sterilization process.

Print records: Record and print sterilization information for sterilization process, which is convenient for verification and archiving.

Filtration system: The air inlet is equipped with a filtration system, which can effectively filter out germs and microorganisms and avoid secondary pollution during exhaustion.

Application: Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, Laryngoscope, Probe, Rigid Endoscope, Hose Endoscope, Ophthalmic Lens, Fiber Optic Cable, Cranial Pressure Sensor, Cold Therapy Probe, Prostatectomy Device, Esophageal Dilator, Electrocautery Devices, defibrillation electrodes, laser head metal, glass, silicone, Chinese medicine and western medicine, human implants, masks, DNA, etc.

Sterilization time

Application products Sterilization time
Metal Products 3 Paper Plastic
Metal silicone Products 4 Paper Plastic
Silicone Products 4 Paper Plastic
Rubber Products 4 Paper Plastic
Cotton Products 3 Paper Plastic
Plastic Products 4 Paper Plastic
Glass Products 4 Paper Plastic
Paper Products 3 Paper Plastic
Rigid Endoscope 5 Paper Plastic
Human body support 6-9 Paper Plastic

(1)Installation requirements of ethylene oxide sterilizer:

1)The ethylene oxide sterilizer must be placed in a well-ventilated place, and it must not be placed near a fire source.

2)In order to facilitate repair and regular maintenance, 51cm space should be reserved on each side (including the top) of the ethylene oxide sterilizer.

3)Special exhaust pipes should be installed and completely isolated from other exhaust pipes of the building.

(2)Ethylene oxide safety protection principles and precautions:

1) Keep ethylene oxide sterilizers and cylinders or cans away from sources of ignition and static electricity.

2) Ethylene oxide storage should be free of ignition sources, no rotating motor, no sun, good ventilation, and the temperature is lower than 40 ℃, but it should not be placed in the refrigerator. Dispose of in strict accordance with the relevant national storage requirements for flammable and explosive materials.

3) Do not use too much force when administering or opening the bottle, so as not to spray the liquid.

4)Monitor the air concentration of the ethylene oxide working environment every year.

5)Ethylene oxide staff should be trained in expertise and emergency management.

HTAJ-2cube series Ethylene oxide sterilizer HTAJ-2cube series Ethylene oxide sterilizer HTAJ-2cube series Ethylene oxide sterilizer HTAJ-2cube series Ethylene oxide sterilizer HTAJ-2cube series Ethylene oxide sterilizer



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