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Use the ETO sterilizer ways and tips
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Use the ETO sterilizer ways and tips
When sterilizing with ethylene oxide sterilizing gas, the temperature, humidity, sterilizing gas concentration and sterilizing time in the sterilizer are all important parameters that affect the sterilization effect. Ethylene oxide is an alkylating agent with strong penetrating power. It can use various packaging materials and can be sterilized in the packaged state. It can kill various microorganisms (including bacteria, spores, viruses, and fungal spores) at room temperature. Etc.), suitable for biomedical polymer materials that are not resistant to high temperature treatment, such as natural rubber, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride. The ethylene oxide sterilizer includes a leak-proof and explosion-proof aluminum-steel chamber with broken bridges. The temperature and humidity of the materials in the chamber are adjusted through the heating (pretreatment) process, and then the chamber is further evacuated and then passed through. Preheated ethylene oxide gas. The packaging material must have good permeability to air, steam and ethylene oxide, so that suitable sterilization conditions can be easily achieved. Since ethylene oxide has potential carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, and acute toxic reactions, for the safety of the staff, the atmospheric concentration and the temperature, humidity, pressure and ethylene oxide gas of the chamber should be closely monitored during the sterilization process. Concentration and sterilization time. The sterilization effect is usually monitored using biological indicators. The control of the sterilizer is difficult, and the entire sterilization process should be carried out under the supervision of skilled personnel. After the sterilization process, filtered sterile air should be passed through and undergo a vacuum air circulation process to safely remove residual ethylene oxide.
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