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Professional 2-2- cubic ETO sterilizer manufacture
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HTAJ-2 , HTAJ-3、HTAJ-6、HTAJ-10, HTAJ-15、HTAJ-20 ETO sterilizer  
Chemical disinfection and sterilization method-ethylene oxide (ethylene oxide)


It is a colorless transparent liquid with the smell of ether. It is a high-efficiency disinfectant that can kill bacterial propagation and spores, as well as fungi and viruses. Strong penetrating power, no damage to most items, and quickly volatilized after disinfection. It is suitable for items that are sensitive to heat and moisture, such as precision instruments, electronic instruments, optical instruments, heart-lung machines, pacemakers, extracorporeal circulation devices, books and documents.

  Method and content

   1. The boiling point of this product is 10.8℃, and it is packed in steel bottles or glass ampoules. The gas is flammable and explosive when exposed to open flames. When mixed with carbon dioxide or other degradable gases accounting for 80% (W/W), it can be made into a flame-proof and explosion-proof mixed gas. When sterilizing, the cabinet room method or the butyl rubber bag method can be used.

   2. The cabinet room method is carried out in an ethylene oxide sterilizer. Put the items in the cabinet, close the cabinet door, pre-heat to 60℃, and vacuum to an absolute pressure of 21.33kPa (160mmHg) (in order to keep the ethylene oxide in a negative pressure state after it is introduced to prevent it from being disinfected Leaking from the middle to the outside), pass in ethylene oxide at a dosage of 1kg/m3, and act for 6-12h under the optimum relative humidity (60% to 80%). After the sterilization is completed, open the cabinet door and take out the items after exhausting.

  3. The butyl rubber bag method is carried out in a special butyl rubber bag. Put the items in the bag and squeeze out the air. Tie the bag tightly. When administering medicine, put the ethylene oxide ampoule in the bag in advance, tie the mouth of the bag tightly and break it to make it gasify and diffuse; or place the gas outlet of the small steel bottle containing ethylene oxide with the hose at the bottom of the bag. Connect and pass in gas. Use small steel cylinders to ventilate, and use hot water (<60℃) to heat to promote the gasification of ethylene oxide. The dosage is 2.5g/L. Under the optimum relative humidity (30% to 50%), it can be used for 2h (>20℃) to make the surgical kit reach the sterilization requirement. If the bag is too small to pass the full amount of medicine in one administration, the rubber bag can be filled for 10 minutes after the first administration, and part of the medicine is absorbed, and then the second administration until the required dose is reached. After sterilization, open the rubber bag and take out the items in a ventilated place without fire source.

   4. Items that have been sterilized by ethylene oxide need to be ventilated for a certain period of time to allow all ethylene oxide to volatilize before use. When ventilating, if there is no special fume hood, the items can be placed in a well-ventilated room. The length of time varies with the sterilized items. It takes 2-4 hours for surgical towels. Latex gloves should stay overnight. Plastic extracorporeal circulation equipment requires 4 More than weeks. 

   5. Note: ①Pure ethylene oxide should be stored in a cool, ventilated, non-ignition, and no electrical switch. Handle with care when using, and don't crack or collide. ②The storage temperature should be <35℃ to avoid explosion. ③The sterilization container should not leak air, and the items should not be placed too tightly. ④This crystal liquid is very irritating to the eyes and other mucous membranes. If contact is made, flush with water immediately; the gas is toxic, and the air concentration in the operating place should not exceed 1ppm (1.82mg/m3).
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