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Sterilization process of ethylene oxide
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Sterilization process of ethylene oxide (C2H4O)

Since ethylene oxide is flammable, explosive, and toxic to the human body, it must be carried out in a closed ethylene oxide sterilization cabinet.

The ethylene oxide sterilizer includes a leak-proof and explosion-proof steel chamber. First, the temperature is adjusted through the heating (pretreatment) process, then vacuum is applied, and then the humidifier humidifies to reach the sterilization conditions, and then enters Sterilization gas that has been preheated and vaporized. The temperature, humidity, concentration, time, pressure, and packaging in the ethylene oxide sterilizer are all important factors that affect the sterilization effect. The sterilization effect is usually controlled by biological indicators.

Application of ethylene oxide sterilization gas

Ethylene oxide sterilization is widely used in the production of medical sanitary materials (masks, cushions, etc.), disposable medical devices (catheters, syringes, endoscopes, pacemakers, etc.) and hollow capsules.

After the mask is produced, sealed, packed in a packaging carton, and the entire carton is placed in an ethylene oxide sterilizer for sterilization. Ethylene oxide has a strong penetrating power, can penetrate boxes and plastic packaging, and penetrate into products for sterilization.

Although not all masks are sterilized, medical ones must be treated in an ethylene oxide sterilizer.
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