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The characteristics of ethylene oxide sterilizer
Date:2020-08-14 17:40 Page Views:

With the increasing needs of daily life, ethylene oxide sterilizers are used more and more widely. Here are some specific characteristics of the equipment:

1. Negative pressure sterilization, cleaning, and residue removal to ensure negative pressure throughout the process.

During the sterilization, cleaning and residual removal process, the sterilizer always maintains a relatively negative pressure, and no leakage will occur. If a leakage occurs accidentally, the process will be automatically terminated, which is safe and reliable.

2. Continuous temperature monitoring

During the equipment sterilization stage, the temperature is maintained at a predetermined temperature of plus or minus 2 ° C. If the temperature is shifted by a preset temperature of 3 ° C, the temperature sensor protection device will automatically start, issue an alarm, and interrupt heating.

3. Equipment humidity control

During the sterilization process, the humidity sensor will start and display the humidity value. The device will humidify multiple times according to the value set by the humidity to ensure the appropriate humidity.

4. The equipment is easy to install, use and transport, safe and reliable.

In summary, the ethylene oxide sterilizer has many excellent characteristics that can meet our needs and bring us convenience. In order to ensure the normal use of the equipment, we should regularly check and maintain it to prolong its use life.

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