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How about the sterilization ability of ethylene oxide sterilizer
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For hospitals, because people enter and leave with a large amount of bacteria, and patients cannot be contacted with bacteria after the surgery to avoid wound infection, the hospital is required to use sterilization equipment for disinfection. Ethylene oxide sterilizer is a commonly used anti-virus sterilization equipment in hospitals and other places, so how about its sterilization ability?

The gas in the ethylene oxide sterilizer does not damage the sterilized items, and has a strong penetrating power, which can eliminate the bacteria on the medical equipment. Ethylene oxide sterilizer is suitable for packaging material paper, and can not be used for ethylene oxide sterilization. Packaging includes metal boxes, composite dialysis paper, polyvinyl chloride, cellophane, nylon, determinator and disposable medical treatment Supplies.

Ethylene oxide sterilizers are vented rigid containers and should be placed in a well-ventilated place. Do not place it near fire sources. In order to facilitate repair and regular maintenance, 51cm space should be reserved on each side (including the top) of the ethylene oxide sterilizer.

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